Boomerang Park is under new management. It's now being developed as a café and restaurant, Visitors are still welcome. However, it's not a climbing/adventure park like it's been for the past 8 years.  Even so, there's un-guided bouldering and scrambling on the rocks, or just relaxing at the park-like setting.

       Anyone who would like a guided 2.5 hour trek/tour of a nearby hill is welcome to call Ken (a local climbing enthusiast).  The trek includes entry to a large cavern, plus scrambling over rocks, and a visit to a Buddha Cave.  This trek is unique (no one else offers it) and is exciting and safe.  You choose the level of rock climbing that suits you - whether beginner,  experienced or developing.  Bring a camera, as it's photogenic.  Cost per person: Bt.800.   We meet at 10 am at Boomerang Park entrance.  Call Ken; 085 525 5435 or email: tinpothat at gmail dot com to arrange to meet.


<<< at left, a young girl balances while walking 14 M log
(4 M off the ground) with overhead safety cable 

B O O M E R A N G                    
Adventure Park
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We named it Boomerang, because of the shape of the property.  It sits alongside a paved road just 3 Km NW of the tourist town of Chiang Rai in northernmost Thailand. It's a fifteen minute stroll to the large Mae Kok river, where there are other climbing crags. The rock is limestone karst, and there are dozens of gnarly climbing areas of all skill levels at our site.

The map above shows directions to Boomerang: Park. It shows the area directly north of Chiang Rai town. From the 2-lane Mae Fa Luang bridge, go 1 km north.  Then take a left at Soi 5 and go two Km west. We're on the right, as the road curves to the left. We're between two Buddha caves, one is a half Km before, and the other is a half Km after Boomerang Park.

Note: the brief videos, below, relate to prior years, when Boomerang was an adventure park. Currently, the zip lines are not there any more.

Brief Boomerang Videos

Two guys zipping side by side.

View from top of first tier, including glimpse of zip line platform (under construction).

Video of a zip filmed by person zipping

Panorama from 80 meters up the 90 meter vertical big wall. 

Small portion of second tier, taken from below.

All these videos and more on our YouTube 'channel' 

21 second video showing some climbers at Boomerang




Nearby excursion options:  waterfalls, bicycle treks, hiking, caving, swimming, .....and more.   

  volunteers welcome

There are some cool projects you can assist with.  We offer free place to stay (nice and secure with kitchen and hw shower).

In your free time, you get use of our climbing equipment - plus use of a bicycle. Chiang Rai town is nearby. 

Here's a partial list of what needs tending to:

Clearing climbing routes is the main task, but there are also a bunch of other things which need attending to: at the kitchen, painting signs, doing maintenance, training beginning climbers, etc.   

B O O M E R A N G 
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Lodging with own kitchen and solar hw shower, near tourist town.

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