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Rates - 2013 / 2014            

All activities plus free overnight camping in tent provided

Fee for all activities, all day:      

two people:  Bt.800 each    (solo, Bt.1,300)

group of three to nine people: Bt. 700 each

group of ten or more: Bt.600 each

For full day's activities, plus overnight camping.

Bt.1,500 for individual

two to nine people: Bt.900 each,

group of ten or more people: Bt.700 each

Best times to arrive at the park:  10 am or 1 pm.   Activities go on until late afternoon.

Typical schedule of activities:

>>>>   Nearby trek to Three Bears Cavern at nearby 'Lion Hill' alongside river (each of 3 chambers has a natural skylight, and the cavern goes all the way through the Limestone hill.

>>>>   Back at Boomerang Park, we usually get going with walking slack lines walking (a.k.a. 'tightrope') - with overhead safety cable to clip on to.

>>>>   Rock climbing at Boomerang Park. Top quality equipment, including climbing harnesses and 11 mm ropes, available free at site. 

>>>>   One or more zips on our 160 meter zip lines.

>>>>   Pie in The Sky Chiang Rai Ride .....a swing alongside the rock face, with a 45 meter (150 ft.) arc.

Other activity options:  

>>>>  Traverse routes using fixed safety cables - two 6 mm steel wires for each route.
Currently, there are four routes with safety cables, as long as 18 meters and as high as 17 meters.

>>>>  Scramble up rocks in 'Hidden Ravine' to summit of 90 meter rock wall

Note: this is not a 'fixed' schedule, and you can adjust the activities to suit yourselves. The key is safety, while having an enjoyable and challenging time.

All activities PLUS overnight camping

Prices at right include one day's activities, plus an overnight in tent provided by Boomerang. Solar heated showers, no extra charge. Laundry service and food/meals/drinks are pay-as-you-go.

900 baht per person per night, for two to nine people

Bt.1,200/day for individual

Ten or more people, is Bt.700 per person

Nearby excursion options:

 waterfalls, bicycle treks,
hiking, caving.



Directions to Boomerang: map above shows the area directly NW of Chiang Rai town.  The  yellow line starts at the Mae Fa Luang bridge and heads 1 km north.  Then take a left at Soi 5 and go two Km west. We're on the right, as the road curves to the left. Map kindly supplied by Eggomaniac.
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